Always have an expert with you.

Always have an expert with you.

Ring Connect is a new way of ensuring you stay on top of your family’s car maintenance.

At the tap of a button you can see exactly what any car in your household needs and ensure that they are running efficiently and safely.

Ring Connect is designed to help you avoid breakdowns, improve performance and ensure your car stays in excellent condition for longer.

Ring Connect puts you in the driving seat – from the comfort of your sofa.

Take the guesswork out of tyre care.

Your tyres are the most important safety feature, they keep you connected to the road and need to work at optimum performance - whatever the road conditions or weather.

Having well maintained tyres also reduces fuel consumption and improves their lifespan, saving you money.

Ring Connect is the expert you need in your pocket, ensuring your tyres are inflated properly and well maintained. All car tyres are different and require different maintenance, from optimum inflation levels to mileage before they need changing. Ring Connect ensures you’ve got everything right and regularly reminds you to undertake the checks you need.

Always have a tyre expert with you...

  • check-curve
    Inflate your tyres accurately and quickly. The app advises on the correct pressure for your car and load.
  • check-curve
    Carry out leak detection tests to ensure your tyres have no slow punctures.*
  • check-curve
    Regularly check your tyres, to keep you, and your family, safe.

So you can relax, knowing that your tyres are safe, legal and performing at their best.

* This feature is only available when used in conjunction with the NEW Ring Smart Tyre Inflator

Make tyre care even more simple with the NEW Ring Smart Tyre Inflator.

You can control the inflator from your app – easily ensuring that your tyre is at the right pressure and making important safety tests – all from your own home.

You no longer need to drive to the petrol station, queue for the pump, guess the correct pressures and inflate your tyres in all weathers. The Ring Smart Tyre Inflator does all the thinking for you and once it is connected the Connect App does the rest.

Pressure download
Multiple Car Settings
Active Reminders
Leak Detection
3 mins*
Wind up Cord
Storage Case
Deflator Valve

Smart Digital Tyre Inflator Specifications

A whole team of experts

Ring are introducing a whole new family of Smart products designed to keep you car on the road and performing to optimum levels. Each product will be supported by the Connect App, each one providing the expertise and advice you need for peace of mind.